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Sep 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
is said to go to trial tomorrow. esteban faces murder charges in the death of le. esteban went to high school with in san diego with le. later she grew jealous of le blaming her for her failed relationship. >>> goh pled not guilty to seven counts of murder. the charges include the special circumstance of committing multiple murder which makes goh eligible for the death penalty. >>> the first presidential debate is just days away. why both sides of the political aisle say republican candidate mitt romney is ready to face president oe be ma. >>> oracle's open world 2012 has kicked off. what larry ellison debuted at today's event. >>> as residents fume on the latest fire in richmond, we learned lawmakers are getting ready to make a pitch to the refinery. the project at stake. >>> many people living in richmond have been highly critical of chevron following that recent mass ive fire at the refinery. ktvu has learned that the city will reach out to chevron hoping that the oil company will help revitalize the area. the city council is expected to make that request later this week in a story
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
esteban is accused in her murder. prosecutors say esteban blamed le for ruining her relationship with the father of her child. esteban's trial is expected to last for a month. >>> in connecticut police say it will take weeks to investigate the circumstances surrounding a man who shot and killed his adopted son. authorities say the 15-year-old high school sophomore apparently tried to ransack his own house. he had a knife, wore a ski mask and was dressed in all black. the father thought the teen was a prowler. the two started fight each other and before the father shot and killed his adopted son. the boy's classmates say he was a sweet, fun loving person. >>> the vatican opened the doors today for the public trial of the most embarrassing scandal of pope benedict xvi's papacy. the pope's butler is accused of stealing and leaking pay pal correspondence to journalists. 46-year-old paolo gabriel faces up to four years in prison if he is convicted of aggravated theft. he's already questioned and asked to be par -- confessed and asked to be partnered boy the -- pardoned by the pope. >>
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
of gisele esteban. she's accused of killing nursing student michelle le and dumping her body between pleasanton and sunol in may of last year. le's body was eventually found nearly four months later. prosecutors say esteban blamed le for wrecking her relationship with a former boyfriend. that trial is expected to last about a month. >>> 6:46. a mom accused of ditching her daughter during a shoplifting attempt is about to be brought back to the bay area. officers will likely bring 38-year-old marcy keelin back to the bay area this week from nevada. officers arrested her in a motel in the city of fernly late friday. keelin is accused of using her 10-year-old daughter as an accomplice during a shoplifting attempt at a morgan hills safeway. keelin drove off dealing her daughter to answer to police. the girl is now in the custody of her grandmother. >>> 6:47 right now. christina loren says the forecast is calling for maybe some sun block, sunglasses and a cold refreshment, or just stay inside. >> or you can stay inside too. one thing you definitely want to do is apply generous amounts of
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
of murder suspect giselle esteban accused of killing nursing student michelle le in hayward last year. in opening statements yesterday, prosecutors blamed a jealous rage for prompting esteban to kill her former friend. the defense contends the killing was not premeditated but done in the heat of passion. >>> the body of one of two missing fishermen washed ashore on the san mateo county coast. he was aboard an 18-foot fishing boat when it capsized on sunday off pidgeon point. a second man is still missing. neither were wearing life jackets. two other men on board were wearing life jackets and made it safely to shore. >>> richmond city council has a couple of resolutions about chevron on its agenda tonight. the council expected to approve a resolution all aimed at making sure the oil company uses the highest standards and best technology when it repairs the refinery, that burned two months ago. the council is also expected to urge chevron to invest in research and office space in richmond's marina bay district. >>> an east bay fire district now has job openings for firefighters. the fed
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
primer Ía del juicio que se le sigue a "giselle esteban", la defensa argumenÓ que la joven actu bajo el calor de la pasÓn, pero no con premeditacÓn... --- la fiscaÍa pidÓ al jurado condenar a "esteban" por homicidio en primer grado... que tal, soy kira vilanovaen el baloncestoayer los golden state warriors invitaron a los medios de comunicacion a sus instalaciones de la ciudad de oakland. tuvimos la oportunidad de echarle un vistazo al "rookie" harrison barnes y a andrew bogut y steph curry, quien seguido se lesiona, pero siempre esta listo para jugar. los golden state warriors inauguran su pre-temporada el 8 de octubre frente a los utah jazz.golden state espera una temporada exitosa y un posible regreso a las pos-temporada.mas en dos minutos, con el hoy las temperaturas como usted ve en pantalla... 'en su mayoria' ... 'en los 90 grados con minimas mas agradables para esta noche en los 60 para el fin de semana decienden ahasta los 70 la calle howard entre la tercera y cuarta en san francisco continua cerrada hasta el viernes evite este tramo los espero a las 10 am en recuerdo mas i
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
teenager hero saved his friends from a burning suv. esteban was riding with five friends when the suv went off the road and flipped several times. two students were thrown from the vehicle. another climbed out the window. he was not hurt and he helped pull another friend out of the car. then he realized someone else was still trapped inside. >> so, i had went down unbuckled him and pulled him out. tossed him over my shoulder and moved him back a good 50 yards with everybody else. and when i put him down, i turned around and the car was on fire. >> he is a good friend. all the teens are expected to be okay. esteban does not consider himself a hero. he was just doing what his friends would have done for him. those are your headlines. >> would you do that for me, dave? >> if you guys were in a burning car i will miss you. because of i can to the throw one of you over my shoulder. >> i don't know if the adrenaline would kick in for alli to be able to pick the car up like super woman. >> adrenaline, a lot on the red pitches mound cincinnati reds ran away with their division as we approach the p
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)